BOPP Wrap Around Labels :
These labels are wrapped around the bottle/container and are sealed with hot melt glue at the end with the use of a labeling machine.The substrate used is Bi-axially Oriented Poly Propylene, commonly called BOPP. It is most commonly used for packaged Drinking Water and Aerated Drinks packaging because of its low cost and high production capabilities when using high-speed label applicator machines.
Standard wraparound roll-fed labels are best suited for straight wall cylindrical or square containers, making them ideal for beverage, food and household products. Wrap around labels can be supplied in Roll/Reel form.
  • Higher gloss and clarity
  • Higher tensile strength that facilitates high-speed labelling
  • Greater stiffness
  • Excellent printability
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant
  • Oil, chemical, and acid resistant
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